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Cervino, Matterhorn

World-wide recognized as the cradle of alpinism the Italian Alps offers a great variety of mountain landscapes, petrified and frosted, accessible by all kind of routes with different difficulty.

mont blancThanks to great history and traditions, next to the modernism that has characterized the Alps tourist development, nowadays it’s possible to accede the high mountain in a more comfortable way (enjoying old shelters, that now have excellent dining rooms), without sacrificing the adventure of mountain as a climbing experience. You will conquer glacier passages and crossing gigantic cracks and seracs with an experienced alpine guide-instructor, using the most modern tools.


Monte rosa, monte rojoEven though, trying to climb a summit in the Alps means to resort the steps of those people who by centuries have made these arduous trails. All this takes us to participate in the history of these places as one of the great pioneers who were there for the very first time with minimum resources.


To have a unique experience, ItalianTREK® propose you an emblematic summits, taking you by the original itineraries, explaining the techniques and telling you the historical facts.



Expedition to Mont Rose

With advance class of techniques in glacier passage

Monte Rosa with his 4633 meters height is the second higher mountain in the Alps.

Walking along the imposing glacier of the Lyss, crossing many of its enormous and deep cracks, we will raise its summit where we can find the Capanna Regina Margherita shelter (photo to side), the most higher and important refuge and scientific training center of all Europe.


From there we will obtain a special sight of the legendary “Lost Valley" and of all the Western Alpine chain; from the Matterhorn, in the front, to the Mont Blanc, more to the bottom.

From the aerial balcony of the refuge, we will see the most famous East Face of Monte Rosa, the greatest and dangerous alp's wall where climbers like Hernan Bhull and Rehinold Messner used to train.



1. Day: Departure from Mexico City airport.

2. Day: Arrival to Milano Malpensa airport (IT); transfer to the Nonay Hotel; Talk of welcome and tasting of Grolla (typical Valsesian beberage); dinner and rest.

3. Day: Breakfast; transfer to Alagna Valsesia and ascent to the Gnifetti Refuge (funicular and walking); food (something light), class, dinner and night in the refuge.

4. Day: Breakfast (something light); ascent to the Capanna Regina Margherita; food and descent (funicular and walking). Return to the hotel; talk, supper and rest.

5. Day: Breakfast and transfer to the airport of Milano Malpensa.

DIFFICULTY: Advanced/Beginner - Guide ratio 1/4


The Mont Blanc Expedition

With class of ice progression techniques

With 4.807 msnm height is the highest mountain in the Alps, where in august 8 of 1786, was officially born the practice of modern mountain climbing thanks to the first reckless ascent of MIChel Gabriel Paccard and Balmat checks. From that then, all mountain climbers of the world see in it the maximum defied alpine in a wild atmosphere


With lots of crevasses and a complicated terrain it will become an arduous ascent. With the longest journey and lodging in mountain shelters, we will try to reach the summit trough one of the longest passages of Mont Blanc: the Italian classic route, leaving the Gonnella Refuge to find the normal French route.



1. Day: Departure from Mexico City airport.

2. Day: Arrival to Milano Malpensa airport (IT); transfer to Novara Hotel; welcome talk,  have dinner and rest.

3. Day: Breakfast; Camping Les Marmottes (Chamonix); have dinner and rest.

4. Day: Breakfast; Ascent to the Refugio Gouter; lunch (bars) have dinner and night in the refuge.

5. Day: Breakfast; Summit Mont Blanc. Return Camping Les Marmottes (Chamonix); talk, have dinner and rest.

6. Day: Breakfast and transfer to the airport of Milano Malpensa.

DIFFICULTY: Advanced/Expert - Guide ratio 1/2



The Cervino Expedition

Class of techniques of progression in mixed land

Simply the most emblematic mountain in the Alps, it was conquered thanks to the romantic spirits of Edward Wimper and Michel August Croz in 1865.

All mountain climbers know it by its imperiousness and who has climbing it knows well the verticality and difficulty of the passages, even by the normal route.




By the Swiss side, we will raise1200 meters of unevenness of the vertiginous edge of Hornli, in mix terrain (crampons on rock and ice), with the security of a rope and the aid of fixed cables. Enjoying solid anchorages, we will descent several lengths with the Rappel technique, always assured by a guide.


1. Day: Departure from Mexico City airport.

2. Day: Arrival to Milano Malpensa airport (IT); transfer to Novara Hotel; welcome talk, have dinner and rest.

3. Day: Breakfast; transfer Zermatt Camping (train); Lunch, welcome talk, have dinner and rest.

4. Day: Breakfast; Ascent to the Hornlihutte Refuge (walk); food (I sweep), tecnical talk, have dinner and night in the refuge.

5. Day: Breakfast (I sweep); ascent to Matterhorn summit and reduction; Return to Zermatt Camping, have dinner and rest.

6. Day: Breakfast and transfer to the Novara Hotel; have dinner and rest.

7. Day: Breakfast and transfer to airport of Milano Malpensa.

DIFFICULTY: Expert - Guide ratio 1/1



Periods of Ascent
·     June-July-August-September.



Monte Rosa expedition:

·     1 people: 2,900 USD.

·     2 people: 3,900 USD.

·     3 People: 5,500 USD.

·     4 People: 6,200 USD.

Mont Blanc expedition:

·     1 people: 3,600 USD.

·     2 people: 5,050 USD.

·     3 People: 8,750 USD.

·     4 People: 9,650 USD

Matterhorn (Cervino) expedition:

·     1 people: 4,850 USD.

·     2 people: 8,550 USD.


Monte Rosa, Monte RojoServices including (¡All inclusive!)

·     Mountain Guides.

·     The collective equipment.

·     The personal technical equipment.

·     All scheduled city meals and meals while in mountain.

·     Hotel accommodations (3 stars) in all cities.

·     All hut night in high mountain.

·     Tents and group camping equipment.

·     All ground transportation while in Europe (lifts, trains, buses, shuttles).


Mont BlancDoes not Include

Airfares, insurances, extra hotel nights, tips, and items of a personal nature.



1) Tell us your dates and the trip you prefer here.

2) Pay 50% of the expedition quote in an account we will send you and send us your receipt scan copy.


Reservation & Policy

You must deliver the following documents with a month of anticipation*:

·     Have legal age and optimal physical training conditions.

·     Filled up request and signed. Good health certification.

Cervino, Matterhorn·     Payment receipt (inscription quote).

·     Required equipment (see list at the bottom).

* In case of client cancellation there is no cash rebound (just vaucher).


Trip Cancellation Insurance

We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation and travel insurance. This comprehensive travel insurance provides coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, travel delays, loss of baggage and travel documents, baggage delays, medical expenses, and emergency assistance.


Mont BlancEquipment Required (In good conditions)

·     Clothes: Windshield jacket and trousers (Gore tex), 2 peils or fleeces, gloves (more replacing), thermal cap, socks (more replacing).

·      High Mountain boots (cramponables).

·      In order to camp: Sleeping bag, long cushion and frontal lamp.

·      Sun block (protection 50 minimum) and glasses 100% UV.

·      Sandboxes (optional).

·      Axe & crampons.



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