Mountain Expeditions


Magnificent didactic expeditions to experience an exciting mountain adventure and, at the same time, know remote great summits around the world. An experienced mountain climbing instructor will follow your steps explaining you techniques and tricks of the mountain to have the most comfortable, unique and safe experience.


We are in charge of all logistics as the complete organization, offering you different solutions and packages with multiple extra services for your election.



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Our Security Standards

ItalianTREK is trying to extend in Mexico the security, and techniques, standards of the International Union of Associations of Mountain Guides (UIAGM) and the International union of Alpinism Associations (UIAA), the most competent organisms in the matter, at world-wide level.

1)     Reduced groups to guarantee a greater security and to diminish the environmental impact.

Table of proportion Guide/clients:

     - Tacaná Volcano: 1/6

     - Nevado de Toluca, Malinche and Monte Rojo: 1/5

     - Iztaccíhuatl: 1/3.

     - Pico de Orizaba, Mont Blanc: 1/2.

     - Matterhorn: 1/1.

2) All personal and collective ItalianTREK equipment, homologated by UIAA and in excellent condition.

3) Highly qualified Guide-instructors.       


Our Guides

All our Guide-Instructors have:

1) Extended alpine CV as confirmation of experience.

2) Diploma of Guide-Alpine Instructor.

3) Diploma of Technician in Rescue on high mountain.

4) Diploma of First aid, updated every 2 years.


Our competitive advantage

1) Highly qualified guides in Mountain climbing and Rescue.

2) Security standards according to international norms.

3) Security personal equipment for all participants (helmet and harness).

4) Assessors for previous training (elaborated by CONADE personnel).

5) Assessors for previous alimentation (elaborated by CONADE personnel).

6) Customized attention for acquisition of required equipment.

7) Personal equipment in excellent condition (for rent).

8) Classes with practical learning.

9) Extra information in the Technical magazine of Mountain climbing and Science.


La montaña con profesionalidad, estilo y extrema seguridad


Club Alpino ItalianTREK. Orizaba #127, piso 1, Col. Roma, Delegación Cuauhtemoc, 06700 México D.F. Tel: (55) 56693151